Production, regeneration and repair of driveshafts

Carbon and Steel Driveshafts

We specialize in professional driveshaft modifications, regeneration of driveshafts, and production of carbon and steel driveshafts for all models of vehicles – passenger cars, off-road vehicles, trucks, vans, sports cars, as well as for construction machinery.

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Production and regeneration of carbon driveshafts


Production and regeneration of steel driveshafts


Ready-made carbon driveshafts

Ready-made steel driveshafts

Steel vs. Carbon driveshaft

Steel and aluminum driveshafts are commonly used, but the carbon driveshaft outperforms them in terms of weight, durability, longevity, better performance, and that’s not the end of its advantages.

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When does a driveshaft require repair?

The driveshaft is responsible for transmitting torque between various components of the system, so it is crucial for the vehicle’s construction. Unfortunately, it is often overlooked by drivers, which can lead to various damages, including gearbox damage, driveshaft damage, differential or power take-off gearbox damage, slack in the sliding connection, bearing wear, damage to the flexible support element, or shaft tube denting. Delaying repairs also means higher costs.

The first sign that the driveshaft may require regeneration is usually subtle vibrations and noise, noticeable at speeds of 70-90 km/h. This is the moment when the driveshaft should be checked as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, many mechanics try to assess the fault only visually, which will not be effective. Only dismantling the driveshaft allows a proper assessment of its condition. In our service, we provide reliable service. We have been operating in the driveshaft industry since 2018 and can boast many satisfied customers from all over Poland and Europe.

The first and only manufacturer of carbon driveshafts in Poland

Krawczyk Steel & Carbon Driveshafts was founded by Maciej Krawczyk, a graduate of the AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow, specializing in Mechanical Engineering and Robotics, and an expert in unique drive modifications and carbon fiber shaft production.

Check out tests of our carbon shafts on the track!

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