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The first and only manufacturer of carbon driveshafts in Poland

We design and produce carbon driveshafts for serial cars as well as sports and drift vehicles. The process of creating carbon shafts and improving their performance took us several years. Finally we achieved their unique construction thanks to the combination of a carbon tube and unusual weave with individually designed and made to order aluminum pipe and flange joints. The most important advantage of our product is high, statically and dynamically tested strength with low weight.

Strength test results from LINTE2 lab

Advantages of using

Advantages of using carbon driveshafts in relation to classic steel and aluminum driveshafts.


The carbon shaft is 50-60% lighter than the steel equivalent. The reduction of weight, vibration and deformation during operation results in less wear of components. The weight of the carbon shaft in the Ford Mustang GT350 was 7 kg, while the steel structure weighs 17 kg.


3-4 times stronger than the steel equivalent. Tested durability at the level of 3900 Nm (spider cut, other driveshafts components intacted).


The lowest moment of inertia with a multiple increase in mechanical strength. Increased performance in acceleration due to the lower rotating mass.


The use of one-piece drives due to the stiffness of the carbon reduces the number of shaft components that can fail.


No corrosion and resistance to chemical agents, low thermal conductivity.


Carbon fiber wears out more slowly than steel or aluminum.

Strength tests

Three carbon driveshafts have been tested by our company in the LINTE2 lab and achieved the critical torque of 3801, 3900, and 3907 Nm respectively. The drive shafts in three cases have been cut on a steel cross, so they can transmit a much higher torque.

One of our main partners actively participating in product tests is a professional drifter Bartosz Ostałowski and his 1000KM BMW called “Furia”.

Order stages


Send the following information to the email address:

-Type, model, year and capacity of the car
-Car power and torque
-Diesel / gasoline
-Automat / manual
-Car vin number
-Drive shaft serial number and photo (if exist)


Deliver the driveshaft to us (if exist). You will get from us a drawing of the driveshafts and the form to be filled in.


Send completed form by email.


Detailed pricing valuation for customer approval.


Acceptance of the pricing valuation and arrangement of the date of receipt and form of payment.


Receipt of the finished product with a dynamic balance report.

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