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Carbon driveshaft with an innovative shaped connection is not just a product, but also a breakthrough in performance and lightness that provides a unique experience both on the track and on the road.

Carbon driveshaft is a solution that allows you to replace a two-piece shaft with a one-piece one. Changing the design of the driveshaft and its mounting makes the car more dynamic. This is due to the direct transfer of torque from the gearbox to the differential and the elimination of the rubber support of the propeller shaft.

The 4-piece set includes: 1. carbon fiber drive shaft, 2. 2x reduction orifices, 3. grease, 4. mounting elements: bolts, washers, nuts.

Carbon driveshaft weight: +/- 7.5 kg

Outer diameter of the carbon tube: 78 mm

Max torque up to 1500 Nm

Product features:

– Lightweight and Durable: The shaft is made of the highest quality carbon fiber, which makes it extremely light, while at the same time it has impressive strength proven in laboratory tests and by professional drifters. It provides a dynamic ride without compromise.

– Innovative connection: The shaft has a unique shape connection with steel and aluminum elements. This is an innovative solution that increases torsional strength and prevents the possibility of delamination of the carbon fiber between the layers. We are the only company using the form-fitting technology. Due to the development of a new technology, the carbon tube is produced individually for each drive shaft.

– Excellent quality: The highest quality Spicer and GKN parts were used in the production of the carbon shaft. We decided to make all aluminum elements from solid bars (PA6) due to their high strength and unique appearance. We do not use cast parts in our shafts! All elements are manufactured and processed in Poland.

– Appearance: Our carbon shaft not only improves performance, but also looks impressive. Its unique design attracts attention and emphasizes the sporty character of the vehicles.

– Optimized performance: By using the right design, our carbon shaft will allow you to use the full potential of your engine. Increased power and torque mean even more dynamic driving.

– Easy assembly: The carbon shaft has been designed in such a way that assembly is quick and simple. On the side of the gearbox/differential, aluminum adapters are mounted, to which the shaft is mounted directly. The adapter on the differential side is equipped with an o-ring that prevents grease from getting out of the adapter. The use of a special adapter allows you to change the working angles and reliable operation of the drive shaft, especially under heavy loads.

– Each driveshaft is dynamically balanced on a SCHENCK HGW30B machine

If you want to have way better performance of your car and you care about lightness and durability, our carbon driveshaft with an innovative shape connection is undoubtedly your key to success.

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