A perfect solution for fast driving lovers, flying sideways and getting high. If you want to make a swap and build your dream car but you don’t know how to connect the gearbox with the differential – write to us! Most often, customers who use this solution combine 8HP gearboxes with differentials from BMW, Winters, Nissan and many others.

A one-piece driveshaft up to a maximum length of 1500mm is a solution that allows you to replace a two-piece driveshaft with a one-piece driveshaft. A high-quality mechanical component is the key to improving performance and exceptional driving experience. A skilful change in the design of the driveshaft and its mounting makes the car more dynamic due to the elimination of losses on rubber elements.

Product features:

Excellent quality: Driveshaft is made of strong and durable steel, which ensures not only exceptional performance, but also long-term reliability. It is an investment in the future of your vehicle.

Optimized performance: By using the right design, our steel driveshaft will allow you to use the full potential of your engine. Increased power and torque mean even more dynamic driving.

Easy to assemble: Our steel driveshaft is designed to be quick and easy to assemble. If there is a tee/cross piece for a flexible connector on the box side, we replace it with a special aluminum adapter. Driveshaft is not rigidly mounted! The aluminum adapter has a double centering on the tabs and the centering sleeve. The use of a special adapter allows you to change the working angles and reliable operation of the driveshaft, especially under heavy loads.

Each driveshaft is dynamically balanced on a SCHENCK HGW30B machine

If you’re aiming to achieve exceptional performance on the track, our steel driveshaft is an indispensable tool to help you with it and also to control your vehicle. Thanks to the reliable construction, perfect fit and professional assembly, you are ready to take on the challenges on the track and experience adrenaline at the highest level. Get ready for an exciting journey into the world of racing and drifting with our steel driveshaft!


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