Production, regeneration and repair of driveshafts

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Balancing machine for drive shafts SCHENCK HGW 30 B

The HGW series horizontal subcritical balancers are specially designed for balancing driveshafts in repair services and for their production. The modular design allows easy replacement of standard parts. Moreover, it enables the machine to be adapted to other tasks such as balancing electric armatures, crankshafts and more.

Special features

  • Large weight range
  • The exact dimensioning of all machine parts enables a long service life, high availability and safety
  • Special spindle bearings cover a wide speed range and high centrifugal forces
  • Sliding spindles for convenient loading and unloading of propeller shafts
  • The dynamometer principle for permanent calibration allows a large initial unbalance and guarantees high balancing accuracy
  • High-tech security devices

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