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Our services

The company Krawczyk Steel & Carbon Driveshafts deals with comprehensive regeneration and production of driveshafts. In our company we do following services:

  • shortening / lengthening driveshafts
  • driveshaft alignment / straightening
  • replacement of constant velocity joints
  • exchange of internally / externally secured u-joints
  • kneading the u-joints
  • dynamic balancing with the Schenck balancing machine
  • conversion of non-dismountable shafts into dismountable ones

Order stages


Delivery of the disassembled driveshaft to the company.


Precise inspection of the technical condition of the driveshaft and explaining to the customer what requires repair.


Detailed pricing valuation and sending for customer approval.


Acceptance of the pricing valuation and arrangement of the date of receipt and form of payment.


Receipt of the driveshaft with documentation of dynamic balancing.

We treat each drive system individually so we thoroughly verify its condition before regeneration. The driveshaft is a rotating element, therefore it must be comprehensively regenerated. Only balancing the shaft with defective / worn parts will not eliminate vibrations in the car.

Where the vibrations in the car come from?

Assuming that the car is original (without modifications) and the geometry or alignment of the gearbox with respect to the differential is not disturbed, we distinguish two cases of vibration:


Vibration on the car in the case of a relatively new, original driveshaft with a mileage of up to 5000 km.

The driveshaft components are not worn and require only minor adjustments to stiffen the axle displacement. In this case, dynamic balance makes sense and reduces vibrations on the car.


Vibration on a car with high mileage / worn driveshaft.

The dynamic balancing of the worn rotating element itself will not have the desired effect, as defective components still remain damaged / loose and do not hold the drive in the axis. It can be compared to inflating a punctured tire with air which evaporates after a while. Therefore, it is important to have the correct repair completed with dynamic balancing.

The drive shafts vibrate in a short speed range, i.e. in the sections of 50-60 km / h, 60-70 km / h or 100-110 km / h, for example. Vibrations in a car above 140 km / h are most often caused by a lack of proper wheel balance.

In the case of inaccessible high-quality CV joints for some drive shafts, we deal with a comprehensive modification of drives. In order to use the GKN joint, we make special reduction flanges that enable the use of constant velocity joints with high strength.

In the case of non-dismountable drives that prevent the replacement of the prop, we convert the drive into a dismountable one. We use proven solutions used in drives, which enable a trouble-free and easy way to disassemble and assemble the propeller shaft support. The non-dismountable support node is replaced with an intermediate joint, a support, a cross and a compensation enabling the extension / shortening of the drive during its operation.

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